Slipping Down

One of Ms. SpoolTeacher’s alteration clients had her hem at least 8 pair of jeans not long ago. Now he says they won’t stay up, so he needs another remedy for that problem.

She mentioned suspenders, but he didn’t seem fond of that idea.

To the drawing board. Drawing from her resources of supplies and ideas to effect the proper result.

Elastic is funny. It doesn’t always perform as planned. Some have too much give, some not enough. Then the trick is how to apply it. If you just span the bridge, so to speak, the waistband will just bunch on the outside. That won’t look good. It won’t feel good either.

A previous client had brought her a pair of velour pants that the elastic was an integral part of and were too tight and binding. As it turned out, the elastic was easy to remove. She was able to recreate a pocket and insert a softer, “free roaming” piece of elastic. This is the very firm and wide elastic that was removed from her pants. Recycle, recycle.

It seems perfect.

Her thought is to rip some of the seam on the waistband, insert the firm elastic into it, secure it on two ends with some stretch allowance and then re-seam the band?

(Bridge, not good.)

Hidden and isolated…good!

The whole waistband came away from the pants. Oh, Winnie the Pooh!

Nothing is predictable.

Both ends are secured with zigzag stitches that match/blend into the fabric, even though the stitching is on the interior part of the waistband.

The outside thread should match the original stitching. (The gold color)

The next trick is to get all these layers of fabric under the pressure foot and manage to keep them all together and stretched out as they are being stitched back together…pins don’t like this much fabric.

This is when you have to “hold your mouth the right way”.

The 3 1/2″ lengths of elastic are stretched out to span about 6″ of waistband.

That’s about as much tension as they can take. Hopefully this will be enough cinching to accommodate the slipping down problem. It was all the room available without more deconstruction.

If he needs anymore tension, the elastic can be installed the whole width of the back waistband, but that will require taking off the belt loops and restitching them back in place. An industrial machine will be necessary for that task.

Ms. SpoolTeacher just happens to have an upholsterer friend with one, if need be.

It’s good to have friends in high places and pretty colors to look at while spooling around.

And friends to keep her company, under the table while she spools.

“Meow, meow”, says Little Orphan Annie.




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