She May Be A Little Biased

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

Words Ms. SpoolTeacher likes to live by.

One of her favorite clients likes to bring her clothes he uses to work in. He always apologizes for the condition they are in, but let’s her know they have been freshly laundered and that he loves them because they are “broken in, and comfortable”.

She loves doing work like this. As you may already know by her tag line: “The ConSewVation of the World, one Spool of Thread at a time…“, and her profile info: “…She’s very intent on getting off the grid and loves to participate in anything that uses resources that already exist...”

She always replies to his apology by saying, “You don’t need to apologize, this is one of my favorite things to do. It’s another chance to be creative and resourceful.”

This time, he came with nine pieces. Five of which were collars that were worn to near falling off. She had already done several for him and he liked them so well, he brought more.

She went to her resources and looked to see what colors of double wide bias tape she had on hand that would look good with his shirts.

She then stitched the piece of bias on to the lower edge where the collar meets the part between the collar and the shirt (what is that called, she can’t remember?)

She presses the bias up and folds the edge to match the edge of the collar and tucks the little ear under and then presses again.

Then for that miraculous fusing tape. (She’ll be real sorry when the oil tipping point declines to the point that plastic things are a thing of the past…but that will probably be a time when her great, great, great, great nieces and nephews will have to pay the price…)

She tucks this up under between the bias tape and the collar making sure it goes up next to the broken fabric of the collar and then irons it until it sticks the pieces together.

Then she secures it by spooling (stitching) it as well.

It’s an important decision as to what color thread and bobbin you choose as well. If you want the spooling to match or contrast, you decide.

This shirt is proud to be American. The one below is a Chinese American.

Believe it or not, the light green matched the light blue bias tape the best. Colors are so funny.

Some of the things that take time are the things that make it look all the more custom. That is why custom costs. Changing the bobbins to match the side that they would show on and the same with the threads. It all takes time.

Almost looks like a new shirt? No? Yes?

Certainly Ms. SpoolTeacher is a little biased..

Ms. SpoolTeacher goes to sewing instead of anti-depression medication whenever she feels like she is Circling The Drain.

For another dose of sewing medication, click on one of the links above…




4 thoughts on “She May Be A Little Biased

  1. I have fixed several collars like that using iron on patches cut to fit with limited success. This is much better. I’ll try it when my next patch falls off. That won’t happen until next winter. I seldom put on a shirt this time of year.


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