It’s So Hard To Resist

Ms. SpoolTeacher got a new stash of remnant fabrics from her local 2nd Time Around store. At least it didn’t create a fabric tsunami this time..

She always washes them first. She presses them as she uses them.

They laid on her ironing board for several days, all washed and unfolded. Every time she walked by them, she could barely resist the urge to stop her chores and play.

Finally, one morning a friend wanted to stop by and she was forced, at the least, to fold them and make them look neat. Just handling the fabric made her want to spool, spool, spool but it wasn’t the right time yet.

After the friend left, she decided to take some time to Spool Around, just a little.

One of the rolled up remnants ended up being a collection of cuts, some big, some small from the same light blue twill. There was one little piece that was just enough to cut out a pair of Baby Spool Shoes.

Of course, that wasn’t enough to satisfy her urge to spool…so she cut out a few little sets…

The red gingham, as you may already know, “calms her” better than yoga (which, by the way, she has never tried). It’s just a little strip; but she knows it is going to wind up somewhere wonderful. She cut one little pair of “soles” out  of a tail that she cut off to square the remnant up. She can’t wait to coordinate it to another pattern (how about the purple and red floral and even the little plaid and hmmm, maybe the grey??). (Mental gymnastics takes “coordination” too!)

The little plaid she took especially because she thinks it will be good for a pair for a boy. It is really hard to find cute things for boys.

Now, mind you, she had no intention of these being Baby Spool Shoes, necessarily, but some things just force her to do it anyway.

The little thrift store that she haunts has a wall of mostly quilting leftovers. All at super duper prices. She browsed through them one day between jobs and plucked these out to bring home to “Resource Central”.

One of the chores she has ahead of Spooling Around is getting Resource Central set up better. However, to get to that, she has to remedy the clutter in her office/bedroom/TV room. So, for the last several days she has been sanding and painting an old hollowed out console TV cabinet…

Her favorite white used to be Behr Wisteria White because it has a very subtle nuance of purple. In some lighting it really shows, other you can barely detect it; but her sensibilities appreciate it.

For the last few years however, she has been somewhat addicted to Ralph Lauren’s Picket Fence White (though she has it made up with ACE basic paint because she likes to support her local merchants and RL is a littleeeee expensive!)

She loves to slather anything with a paint brush and so therefore does not have to get out all that mess of a tray and rollers, etc., etc. When through with a layer, she loads her brush and puts it in the refrigerator wrapped in a plastic bag. It keeps until it’s time for the next layer and she loves the look of layer upon layer upon layer of paint, especially with ACE because it is fluid and layers great. It looks like it aged over time and was touched up here and there…

and the brush marks bring it down to a…work of art???

She has not found anything better than a Purdy Brush. They’re worth the price and she’s not getting an endorsement to say that.

(as you can see, she has lots of other things to finish slathering with paint) (the blue wall is eventually to be a mural….hopefully, someday, any day, darned ole money keeps making her have to do what she really doesn’t want to do…)

The top is not blue, it is reflecting the wall.

Once it is all done, it will go in the bedroom/office/TV room where months that seem like are turning into years ago, she built shelves all around and loaded all her books and ….”where are those darned ole ‘loaded the shelves with her books’ pictures??” she says after far to long of searching.

The TV cabinet redo will go right below these shelves…

She’ll let you see it when it’s done.

In the mean time, she thinks she will have to spend about a week organizing her pictures on her computer because she can’t find a thing she really wants to…

It’s always something…


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