I Wanna Make Me One

Some people just think up the neatest things.

Stumbled on at addicted2decorating.com

Ms. SpoolTeacher just started an account at: http://pinterest.com/spoolteacher/ and she pinned this sofa from Happy Chairs on a board she created just for things like this, “Wow”!

Not only is this gal an accomplished race car driver, she now makes these fabulous things…what’s with that?

Well, so, Ms. SpoolTeacher just had her still not sixty birthday event, which didn’t distract her from her goals except to stop for an evening and have pizza with a couple of her boy friends.

They watched “Fathers Day” with Robin Wms and Billy Crystal and laughed their heads off. They talked mostly about local politics, global issues, music, movies and when it might rain. (you know guys and weather) It was a good time.

She has had a long stretch between sewing and cleaning jobs (for some reason they are all piling up on one end of the week) and has taken the span to continue clutter busting the garage/studio/Lollipops & Polka Dots Variety Store thingy again.


Hey, there’s a Happy Chair waiting to be made..

“Where Women Create” wannabe

Spooled Stuff

She’s nearly broken her back, but you do what you gotta do…it’s all about leverage, (life and moving furniture/boxes/files)…

Sew, when she got home from cleaning Lola’s house today, the flowers were hanging their pretty heads and the cantaloupe were looking strangled…out she went, Little Red-Haired Girl in tow, to water.

She can’t seem to kill a cantaloupe so she has had to transplant many of them to any spot she can find..

Then she has to do “critter frustrating techniques” to try to alter LRHG’s desire to tromp all over things, looking for lizards and other edible things, you know, the “What’s for dinner” girl…and “This is the way I wanna go, I don’t care what you want me to do. This is the way I always go.”

phew, she barely missed it!

The flowers started looking better immediately. And they started sprouting baby shoes

“Football shoulders and a swannie neck”

When Ms. SpoolTeacher was about nine, she and her sisters and Mother and Father took a driving trip all across the USA making their way to Nova Scotia Canada to visit her Mother’s family.

They stopped in Boston to visit and pick up her Aunt to go the rest of the way with them.

She was just at the age of self-consciousness but hadn’t gotten past running around without a top on yet, (even though it was feeling kinda funny to be naked like that). Her Aunt pipped up and happened to notice… “Well, Jackie (of-all-trades SpoolTeacher/not her real name), you’ve got football shoulders and a swaaan-ie neck.”

She thought she was doomed for life. It sure sounded like she meant it as a negative thing.

You have to be careful what you say to little impressionable nine year old girls who are running around without tops.

I don’t think she ever did that again.


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