Use It Up, Wear It Out

Use it up

Ms. SpoolTeacher has a client that brings her clothes she has patched to put new patches on the patches. He also brings in shirts for new collar “attire” because he liked so much how she did the others.

Use it up, wear it outA lot of this pile is what he uses out in his and his wife’s vegetable garden. It seems he prefers giving Ms. SpoolTeacher his money over paying for new pants, because he brings them several times for repairs as they wear. He takes this “support local economies” thing very seriously. She’s very grateful.

near antique bias tape collection

She starts by looking in her stash of bias tapes (some of which are near-antique) to see what she has in the “wide” style. This one happened to be bias hem tape that was especially wide but she thought the color looked good with the shirt.

Collar repair

She ironed one side of the folded edges flat so it would be easier to stitch on and to get the folds out of it too (from having been wound up on the card for who knows how long). This one was a polyester/blend and the shirt happened to be permanent press, which is a very similar weight and texture (finely/tightly woven and lightweight). collar repair with wide bias tape
She stitches it on…
collar repair with wide bias tape
..aligns the fusible tape, irons the sides to match the angles, folds up and irons the bias tape to the collar…
collar repair with wide bias tape
..then stitches the whole thing in place. Easy peasy. 15-20 minutes, start to finish.
collar repair with wide bias tape
She did the same thing to the green shirt and then to two whites, (She used white for the white shirts but they were so grizzly she decided not to picture them here. Okee dokee?).
collar repair with wide bias tapecollar repair with wide bias tape

The next repair was a sweater vest that she had previously installed a stretch band to the bottom to cover the original knitted, integrated finished edge that was riddled with holes. The vest is woolen and very worn, but loved. She has seen him in their local food market wearing it with it’s new bottom and he looks very dapper, he does. He’s a slim, handsome man with a nice build and she could see why he wanted to keep it. Oh, how we love our old, broken-in things.

sweater vest repair

It now had pulled away from the banding in one place and had a new thread bare spot a little way up from the pull. She could see that he had “yarned” in, pretty nicely she might add, a couple of places himself, (made her wonder why he had brought it to her).

sweater vest repair

As she has mentioned over at Spare Shelf, she has been converting her “sewing room” back into an extra/guestroom. Some of her sewing implements have made their way out to her garage-that-is-still-yearning-to-be-a-studio, but many have not.

To get to the embroidery floss, she determined would work best for this task, she would have to find her way through this mess…

Making her way through this mess
Do you see her feet and legs in there somewhere?
And yes and she’s dressed in many (old comfy) layers cuz it’s freezing in her house so she can save money to eventually get herself off of the grid….

She’s trying to reach the embroidery floss, which is way back in the corner over all the things she is standing among.
trying to reach the embroidery threads

Got it
Oops! she spelled embroidery wrong on the box!
Embroidery Floss
All these colors and still none that matched the sweater vest. So she took a brown and black and pulled a strand from each and used them together.
Embroidery Floss
sweater vest repairsweater vest repair

You can barely tell where it’s done? Yes, no? She used the threaded needle to weave in and out of the knit and pull it up to the binding and attach. She “wove” the threadbare hole too. You can see it there if you enlarge and look. If she knew how to put arrows on her pictures she would, but that is for another day. Y’all are so far ahead. (tips and tricks are highly welcome).

So now she has those pants to tackle and she is procrastinating, trying to figure out how she wants to do it. The first patches are fraying near the zig-zagged edges and new holes have been worn into them. She has almost called him to say “it isn’t worth it”, but she has been reading a book about “The Myth of Neurosis” and it says that people are unhappy because they feign things that are hard, that plowing through hard things is what makes us like ourselves and she has to agree. She remembers how high she felt after an especially challenging drapery job she did years ago. She left the job after the installation went superbly and was so enamored with herself she didn’t realize that she was flying down the freeway. The police officer who pulled her over forgave her after she explained herself (he had a daughter aiming to be an interior designer) and why she was in oblivion. He just reminded her to be more careful. Wasn’t that nice of him?

So, sew, Sew Much To Do! All in a day’s hard work. Thank goodness she gets to do what she loves.

Happy Thanksgiving you all!


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