Apronology: Collage Accounts

So as to show no partiality, these picture collages of the Spool Girls in action will be posted alphabetically.

Most days, Ms. SpoolTeacher remembers her camera and fresh batteries; but occasionally…well, so there may be a little redundancy.

The Spool Girls worked very hard. Three of them had one pattern and three had another. Two different patterns.

Amanda apron collage

Amanda got the gathered-skirt pattern and picked two shades of blue, the darker for the skirt and the lighter for the casings. She picked  a small check in a neutral with a dark, possibly blue check for the bib.

Amanda needs some longer pins with big heads because whenever Ms. SpoolTeacher had to show her how something went together, Amanda’s little short pins were hard to grasp. We managed.

Seemed like every picture Ms. ST tried to take of Amanda, the camera couldn’t seem to pick up her face from behind her long pretty hair.

Amanda is great at persevering and always full of energy and playfulness.

Amanda's crazy socks

Amanda’s crazy socks

Felisa sewing on apron, collage

Felisa loves orange. They all wanted to be creative with fabric selection and picked multicolor remnants to construct their visions of a cute apron. They were very good to pick compatible weights as instructed and then to not cut from the middle of the piece but rather utilize it as efficiently as possible.

The pattern that Felisa, Isabel and Symphony chose had miles of bias to apply to the raw edges of all the pieces. They started taking license with creativity before Ms. ST caught up with what they were doing. Eventually she realized and then showed them how to splice the pieces of bias tape so no raw edges showed rather than to just lap the pieces over each other. For some reason they all seemed to be racing to the finish line.

Felisa was the first one out of the gate; but after Ms. SpoolTeacher told her that “hundreds of people will be looking at your work and is this what you want them to see?”, she started taking it more seriously and was great to redo things when she wasn’t satisfied.

Katlin apron collage

Katlin turned out to be a “country-style” Spool Girl, selecting small prints that were definitely of the country slant. It wasn’t until she got pretty far along that Ms. ST could see Kaitlin’s concept. She had a true vision and really did know why she was choosing what she was. In the end, it was very cute.

Katlin even took her work home to get ahead, because she had missed a day or two and was falling behind.

Katlin likes her station behind the storage cubes. She is meticulous to iron and pin everything for the best possible outcome.

Ironing board stations

“Iron it please”

They all got pretty tired of Ms. ST answering their question, “So what’s next?” with “Iron it please.” But they got in the habit and saw the value.

The ironing board stations stayed pretty busy. We eventually put three of them up. They hadn’t used steam before and had to be careful not to scorch their fingers. And, once they realized that the irons also squirted, they had fun wetting each other.

Isabel making an apron

Isabel seemed to be easily distracted but in the end, she finished first and was so proud to wear her apron around, picking up trash and stray threads and fabric clippings while everyone else worked to catch up.

Isabel had to make her pockets twice because the first turquoise fabric she picked was very lightweight and the small bias tape she started out using just pulled out from the edge  too easily. She was discouraged because she liked that color, but we found a better weight black and she dressed up the edges with a wider bias tape color she liked well enough.

One only masters all these techniques by practice, practice, practice. They were all very good to persevere.

Because Isabel had gotten so far ahead, she started playing with making different kinds of bows from a lesson Ms. Dana had previously taught them. We all wanted to start the next project together.

Sierra making an apron

Sierra started out with a stripe and found that the piece would only be useful if she cut it with the stripes running horizontally, otherwise there would need to be a seam in the front, right at the center. It would have been nice either way; but, for some reason, she changed her mind and went with a fabric that looked camouflage. Her creativity came out with pink for the casings, pockets and two shades of pink and the camouflage to make up the belt that went through the casings.

Sierra relies comfortably on learning from the diagrams on the pattern instructions. Very often, creative people are visual learners. Once she saw it done in the diagram, she needed little instruction and she quickly learns from any mistakes or omissions of steps she makes.

Sierra was also very inventive in the remedies she used to fix any goofs.

Symphony Collage

Symphony is a natural leader and the younger girls making the same pattern often differed to her for what to do next. Of course she knew what to tell them, but it was important for Isabel and Felisa to learn how to master their instruction sheets as well.

Symphony gave them lots of tips and tricks as she learned, but they were all managing to figure things out as they practiced.

Symphony missed a day or two; but was speedy to catch up. She also made a little “oops” at the beginning when she cut through the “place on fold” line for the front of her apron. Ms. SpoolTeacher takes so much for granted after sewing for so long; but even when you explain things, it often isn’t clear until you see why it is wrong only after you do it wrong. Seems like you never do it again after that.

We quickly came up with a fix by making a french seam in the front and because it was plaid, the seam is barely noticeable.

Symphony said, “Good thing I’m skinny” after Ms. ST told her the only thing the seam in the front would do was to reduce the overall size of her apron.

They have started on their next interim project, a rag rug. (We’re trying to get funding for start to finish pattern project and a field trip to Joann’s or Hancock’s or both). We downloaded instructions from Audie’s Oddities: Shaggy Raggy Rugs post online here. Or click the picture below.

The “Spool Girls” will model their aprons for you as soon as Amanda finishes hers and they all remember to bring them back and Ms. SpoolTeacher remembers her camera and batteries.

And we’ll leave you now with a teaser of their rag rugs, which we will show you more of later as well…

Symphony marking her stitching lines.

Symphony marking her stitching lines.

Isabel says, "It's a secret for now..."

Isabel says, “It’s a secret for now…”

Come back soon.




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