To Tear Or Not To Tear

Ready, Set, Go

The Spool Girls did a great job of putting the lines on their rag rug backings for placement of the strips. The next phase was to assemble a pile of strips to stitch on the lines that they had just marked.

Symphony marking her stitching lines.

Symphony marking her stitching lines.

The big question at this point for Ms. SpoolTeacher was, “Will they lose interest if they have to cut the strips, so should she let them tear them?”

She let them tear the strips. It helped them get out some excess energy and they all thought it was great fun to hear the fabric tearing. Some developed great skill for tearing without leaving lots of stray fibers.

Katlin with her pile of strips to stitch on the lines for her rag rug

“How many should we make”, they asked?

“Just make enough to get a few rows started”, Ms. SpoolTeacher answered.

Spool Girls Rag Rug Collage

So they all got busy tearing and stitching, stitching and tearing…..

Tear, Stitch. Stitch. Tear.

Katlin stayed right on her lines.

So at the end of each day, we would survey the progress.

Spool Girls Progress for the Day

Each girl would hold their rug up and wrap it around to look like a skirt. We talked and got excited about the things they could be besides being a rug…

Then one day as we got further (metaphorical distance) along, we rowed them up on the floor to discuss which one everyone liked the best, who thought whose was made the best and to inspect each girls success with instructions.

We gave a little “creative license” as there are few absolutes, but there is definitely cause and effect.

It was fairly easy to tell who was enjoying the process and who was impatient and/or bored or being competitive to try finish first (as if there is some prize at the end?).

All of the Spool Girls' rag rugs

Of course, missing time at school put some behind. Some took theirs home to catch up.

All of the Spool Girls' Rag Rugs

Progress Report on Spool Girls Rag Rugs

All in a hard days work. Busy Little Spool Girls

"Machine Gun Alley" (The sound the machines make)

They are on vacation for a couple of weeks. More progress later.

They are doing very well so far, don’t you think?

Sock Mascot Amanda

Amanda has been designated as our Sock Mascot because she always has on some unusual socks.

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