Deconstruction Zones

This beautiful hat is available for sale on Etsy. Click the picture to go right to it. Jantiki is the shop name.

This beautiful hat is available for sale on Etsy. Click the picture to go right to it. Jantiki is the shop name.

Deconstruction Zones seem to be everywhere in Ms. SpoolTeacher’s house. Her resources keep growing. Soon, very soon, she will need to start making something with these things (actually she is, some). She dreams up many ideas as she is in the process of deconstructing things…

Scrunchy Flower Idea

Lately one of her life-long friends sent her a fun package with things to up-cycle. Among the items were these scrunchies. Her friend had said some time before that she had stopped wearing them but couldn’t seem to part with them thinking there would be a creative way to use them, wondering if Ms. SpoolTeacher could think of anything.

Ms. SpoolTeacher has been spending some quality time deconstructing items she wants to put to other uses. She decided to utilize a box of thick plastic bags, she had purchased for her shop a couple of years ago, to organize things. (She’s really trying to eliminate plastic from her life now, but no point in just sending them off to a land fill or re-cycle center if there is a better use)

deconstruction zones, organizing with plastic bags

So the scrunchies ended up in one of the bags and she started thinking, “What could they be used for?”.

It wasn’t until she saw that beautiful green hat in the picture at the lead of this post that it hit her. She had had one of the scrunchies curled up in her hand thinking it made a cute flower; but it was so bulky, she couldn’t think what it would be appropriate on. So now she will have to make some hats…

That’s how it goes..

to visit the shop with this hat in it, click the picture or put this web address in your browser:

She only hopes her creation turns out as lovely as this vintage hat. And she only wishes she had $29 she didn’t need and looked good in hats…oh well…Doesn’t it look Easter Parade-ish?

Easter Parade-ish, Scrunchy Flower Idea

Sheer remnants cut on bias to be used as trim on attire

Rag rug resources

Button and buttonhole panels from the fronts of shirts, deconstructed

The short pieces made from the T-shirt, tarn made from the tops and sleeves

Yo-Yo's piling up

So in between cutting and bagging her Resource Central supplies, she spends as much time as possible out in the yard with her Girls, getting nature’s resources up to snuff for her gardening adventures.


Little Red-Haired Girl sniffin rosemary

And “smelling the roses”.. so to speak.

Bloom of the day

Bloom of the day

Ain’t life great!!!


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