Baby Boom

woke up on the wrong side of his face and hand

Babies, babies everywhere. It must be Ms. SpoolTeacher’s age. Her nieces and nephews are all child bearing age and so are many of her young friends as well as the son’s and daughter’s of her peer-aged friends.

They sure are cute little things. All shapes and colors. All kinds of personalities, and just as many ideas of mothering and feeding and staying home or not staying home to care for them.

When Ms. SpoolTeacher was 19, her younger sister was the first of her peer-aged people to bear a baby. Now that baby has born 3 herself.

“time flies one can’t they fly too fast” was a set of words her English teacher asked them to punctuate. (The answer is at the end.)

Well, time and flies fly too fast.

Lately it was the first birthday party for Ms. SpoolTeacher’s young friend’s newest addition. He’s hugely loved. She counted 20 people in the “family picture”. The little man got lots of clothes and toys and cake and ice cream. He was passed around and kissed and hugged. A gazillion pictures were taken as the time flew.

Ms. SpoolTeacher, in her mission to manage with the least of things, had spent the afternoon before concocting a toy with only resources she has on hand and her imagination. She had thought all through church that morning of how she would start…

T-shirt hems cut off of the shirts she used to make tarn

She started by making a square by weaving the cut off bottoms of T-shirts and stitching them to a backing. She later realized she’d have rather attached them to not so stretchy of a backing; but that is the nature of designing a thing…trial and error. This was her first one of these things, dreamed up in her mind’s eye.

bottoms of T-shirts cut off while making T-shirt yarn. woven in and out to make a square.


[Click on the image to the left here to read an interesting article about the “mind’s eye”.]




So, she got that far and then what next. Fringe… she used more of her t-shirt resources, some of the shorter pieces of t-shirt yarn…

Adding tarn fringe

…and, of course, she didn’t take the time to take pictures of the process. She was busy inventing and that takes over.

She had so much fun making it, thinking about what a one-year-old baby boy might like to touch and feel and interact with.

She made a strap from which others could dangle it and then put a pom-pom on the end of that to tickle him with. It can also tuck into the pocket to make the strap something that could go around his neck and come off easily….

pom-pom to tickle him with and tuck into the pocket to make a strap

… and then she added other textures and a piece of a christian book bag with “Reborn, renewed, restored, and redeemed” stenciled on it and a scripture too.

pom-pom to tickle him with and tuck into the pocket to make a strap

pom-pom to tickle him with and tuck into the pocket to make a strap

She’s not sure he will like playing with it as much as she had fun making it; but she liked making it so much that she started another one to test on Etsy..

she started a new one to test on Etsy

She’ll try to take more progress pictures so you can see how she did it if you want to.

Now that she has “designed” one, she knows better what to do and not do and how to make it better.

So off she goes to make the best use of her time since, time flies so fast. And if you haven’t guess it by now, she is one of the baby boomers from the generation between 1946 and 1964. And she is considered one of the “Jonesing Baby Boomers” or “keeping up with the Joneses

The term Generation Jones has sometimes been used to distinguish those born from 1954 onward from the earlier Baby Boomers.

And that’s the end of that story.

Time flies. One can’t. They fly too fast.

Time flies. One can't. They fly too fast.






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