Back To The Ironing Board

ironing board tables

stolen image, no credit available

Ms. SpoolTeacher does much of her sewing work hovering over an ironing board. She plans, places, measures, photographs, admires…. and sometimes even irons her projects from that useful podium.

Wednesday is Ms. Jackie of all Trades SpoolTeacher’s day to be driving “Miss Daisy” to and fro. They usually go to Walmart for Miss Daisy to drive herself around on one of their electric carts and load up on fruit juices, greeting cards, hand cream, ice cream, cookies, cake, milk and various assorted sundry items that she thinks she needs for the week.

They go for lunch after and Miss Daisy won’t hear of Ms. SpoolTeacher paying for her own. It’s part of the joy she gets from their weekly outing.

This last Wednesday, Ms. SpoolTeacher stayed to visit for awhile and eat a cookie with her in her little apartment.

Along came one of Miss Daisy‘s neighbors, “Miss Daisy says you sew?”

“Yes, I do”, Ms. ST replied.

He jaunted off to retrieve a jacket and proceeded to explain to her that he had gotten it at their local “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without – shop” and that he wouldn’t mind spending $10, 20, 30 to fix the little thing he wanted fixed…”It is such a nice jacket and really warm”.

Near a pocket was a tiny slit in the fabric. Miss Daisy’s Neighbor had a packet of “bondex outdoor restore” which included the catchy phrase, “Save Money Mend & Repair” below it.

Of course, this is Ms. SpoolTeacher’s credo/modus operandi. Not so much to save money as to save the world, ha! “The ConSewVation of the World, one Spool of Thread at a time…”

Google search for "hand-embroidered lightening bolt"He said he would like the patch to look like a lightening bolt.

Ms. SpoolTeacher went about trying to qualify what he had in his “mind’s eye”.

“Do you want it embroidered?”

“What color”

“How big”. She used her fingers to approximate and he used his eyes and mouth  in various contortions to proceed (as if hunching ones shoulders to wonder) and confirm, “hmm, yep, about that big…. ”

“Gold, yellow, beige?”, a nod of his head for yellow.

Herein lies the risk in doing creative interpretation on commission…

She Googled the internet for “images of hand-embroidered lightening bolts” and then put a piece of paper over her computer screen to trace the image she liked and thought was the perfect scale.

tools of the trade

She cut it out for a pattern and then cut two pieces of the bondex outdoor restore Duck Patches into mirror images of each other. She first tried to “whip stitch” the not yellow but gold (executive/creative license decision) embroidery floss and realized that that would not work…

whenever somebody needs an example of correct usage of that that just quote: “We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.” A. Lincoln – 

lightening bolt whip stitched edge

…and would not look very nice in the long run…back to the ironing board.

She leaped/leapt into ironing it on and then measured and placed the other side and ironed it on as well. There was no going back.

ironed on lightening bolt patch

She thought it looked pretty nice just ironed on; but it certainly didn’t look like a feature and it might have a tendency to curl up if the bond didn’t hold as expected.

outline embroidery stitch

She proceeded to embroider around the edge, sticking the needle into the patch and coming out on the outside edge of the patch into the jacket material itself so as to secure it in place.

Embroidered edge of lightening bolt patch

both sides of jacket with lightening bolt patches

She’ll let you know how Miss Daisy’s Neighbor liked the outcome. She’s waiting with bated breath….


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