If Something’s A Drag, Do What You Love Instead

Ms. SpoolTeacher was watching old movies staring Loretta Young on YouTube during Christmas because she loves The Bishop’s Wife and Christmas Eve so much. Then she saw several other old movies with Loretta Young staring and couldn’t resist indulging. An interview came up with her daughter, who disclosed that her father was Clark Gable. Somehow she ended up here, http://moviestarmakeover.com/2013/01/ , where she found the image below of Marlo Thomas (another of her favorite personalities) in a  patchwork maxi-skirt. Now she wants to make one.  Marlo's Patchwork maxi-skirt

Little did she know that Loretta Young was Marlo Thomas’s Godmother.

Keeping your head above water

She hasn’t read this book, but it sounds good.


Ms. SpoolTeacher has been trying to keep her head above water, for several years now, by providing services to her local community. Those services do include her sewing in the form of alterations and mending. She also does housekeeping, “taxi” service, personal shopping, weed pulling, kitty feeding…..etc., etc.

Her community is largely retired and elderly. Many of them winter visitors.

It’s a really tough economy where she is, not a lot unlike many communities throughout the USA these days; but hers is especially difficult because people largely arrive here for the relatively low living costs (compared to other surrounding areas) and the town is pretty much designed to accommodate winter visitors. It’s a small town, easy for elders to navigate and all basic needs can be met.

The sad fact is that the population is largely elderly. Ms. SpoolTeacher has lost many clients over the years, several recently and suddenly.

She thinks it’s a sign that she is supposed to be doing WHAT SHE LOVES, Sewing!!!!

Sometimes she has to be bopped on the nogin by an unanticipated force.

Sewing was her first love. Decorating/designing followed naturally from that as it was a way for her to utilize her passion to extract an income. She specialized in window fashion, but spent many years outfitting, organizing, and agonizing with clients to perfect their personal domains, all things included; floors, walls, windows, furniture and accessories.

She loved the design work and world, but hated (with as much passion as she loved sewing), the part that required her to coerce, cajole and contract  people out of hard-earned income for what was mostly unnecessary luxury. It went against her grain even then…albeit, most of that world is beyond rich as it takes being beyond rich to afford most of it. Somehow, in her intuitive mind, she could sense the negative side of excessive consumption even then when it was widely decided to be the model of a well oiled society.

Making her way through this mess

This image is of Ms. SpoolTeacher standing in a closet that was crammed full of sewing things. She was looking for embroidery thread to accomplish a mending task. This was many months ago. In that moment she decided she wanted to finally, finally, finally get her garage-that-wants-to-be-a-Where Women Create studio space up to snuff so she can go out and do nothing but sewing in that place. She has made great strides in that direction, but keeping her head above water has continually thwarted her intentions.

Now she has no excuses. The treading-water jobs have all fallen away and it’s time to get on with the plan.

In between freezing temps and rain, she’s getting things done. Winter makes it a little harder to get up, get going and the body parts un-frozen, but she’s doing it.

“Eating an elephant”, one little bite at a time. If Something’s A Drag, Do What You Love Instead. It makes the bites a little sweeter.


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