Gray Baby

Gray Kitty needs a forever homeGray Kitty dives right in when Ms. SpoolTeacher opens the can of food and starts spooning it into his bowl. He got some on his eyebrow.

Ms. SpoolTeacher was cleaning house, pulling weeds and performing general services for Gray’s mommy before she suddenly got sick and ended up dying.

Gray was actually an outdoor, neighborhood boy whom this nice lady was routinely feeding along with her black and white indoor kitty, Viking. Her daughter took Viking back to Georgia with her, but left Gray rather abandoned.

Ms. SpoolTeacher and one of her best friends are both animal lovers. This was way back in November when client died. Ms. SpoolTeacher and her friend have been going every day to feed Gray just the same as client did, a whole small can and some kibble. He’s a biggggg Boy! Did she say BIG!!! He’s big. He’s sweet and gentle and such a pretty boy.

The little black cat behind him, got the neighborhood news that Gray was getting daily feedings and started tagging along to see if he could mooch some too. (A third gray and white one came one day but seems to have decided this isn’t such a lucrative deal). Gray and Blackie gently bat each other a couple of times and Gray eventually gentlemanly moves aside to let black kitty have a little. They’ve seen black kitty all over the neighborhood, but Gray was so used to his routine, they don’t think he has any other home.

Ms. SpoolTeacher and her friend have been trying to catch Gray and take him in to a local vet who offers her services free for cats such as this who have lost their humans. It’s a catch and release to make sure they are spayed or neutered and they do try to find them homes. They usually start with a foster home, but don’t have one right now.

Gray is such a big boy, they have not been able to out cat the cat. They put his food way in the back of a big, big carrier; but he still sticks out and they can’t get the gate closed before he forces his way back out.

Ms. SpoolTeacher would take him home with her except that she lives on a busy street where people are looking at their cell phones instead of the road and going over 25 in residential zone near a school that they should slow down to 15 for. People.

Gray needs a big farm to roam and mouse. He is not likely going to be happy about being indoors, they don’t think.

The Dallas Memorial Hope Fund, Inc. also supplies food and litter for these abandoned kitties. If you have read Ms. SpoolTeacher’s previous posts, you know she live by the skin of her teeth. She’s very grateful for this wonderful help.

She went in to their local thrift store lately to retrieve the food they are supplying. While there, she got to talking to the girl minding the store and just happened to mention that she does sewing and alterations. The girl asked Ms. SpoolTeacher if she would like a couple bags of fabric scraps she was about to throw out thinking no one would possible want them.

See how things work out.

bags of fabric scraps from The Dallas Memorial Hope Fund, Inc.

Not like she needs them. But you know she can’t pass up a fabric scrap. She’ll find some wonderful use for them.

Where Women Create Studio transformation progress

And as you know, (if you’ve been following along in her Garage-that-wants-to-be-a-Where Women Create Studio transformation), she has lots of resources already and doesn’t need a thing.

The above picture is the collection of fabric sample books that she accumulated when she had her first business trying to supply her local population with window covering offerings.

She does use these swatches for things and intends to use them much more now that she is getting things in an order that she can find things and see it all at a glance.

Scrappy Designer Pillow #1

Pretty, eh?

Scrappy Fringed Pillow IMG_1363 IMG_1358 Just Sleeve It to Me

Sleeve it to me purse

Christmas,candy bar,stockings,approx 8.5",upcycled,designer, fabric,swatches,trimmed,novelty,glasses case,gift card,candy bar, trinket

So one of the days Ms. SpoolTeacher was managing to feed Gray Baby, her car broke down in a distant parking lot. Not so distant though that she couldn’t walk over to feed Gray Baby. So she did.

But on her way walking back, out from a flat-bed trailer parked on the same street, a little gray and white kitty popped up and started meowing, and meowing and rubbing back and forth and saying, “Ms. SpoolTeacher, don’t you want to take me home so I can be your Christmas Kitty?”

Ms. SpoolTeacher went to the neighbor whose house owned the trailer and he had no idea from where little kitty had come.

Ms. ST happened to be carrying a big zippered green bag to carry her things in from the store where her car failed her. She put little Christy Kitty in her bag and marched her right home with her.

Christy Kitty now Lucy

And this is how big she’s gotten from Christmas til now. She started out to be Christy Kitty, but has since been named Lucy. It just suits her. This is her when she’s being good under the table below where Ms. SpoolTeacher clicks away on her computer.

Same place Little Red-Haired Girl usually sleeps. Lucy seems to think she is the boss now.

not stuffed with turkey

She’ll save some spools for another day…bye y’all, (as Max Keiser always says).

What can be done with a spool of red thread?

spools for another day

Did she mention that Gray Baby is a BIG Boy!!!

Gray Baby

Know anyone with a big farm who needs a mouser?


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