Just Sleeve It To Me

warp woof

Ms. SpoolTeacher was collaborating on a business venture, trying to help a young man come up with a way to produce his idea of a better, more natural, sleeping futon. He had some hemp fiber and a bolt of natural hemp fabric and wanted to create a product he could  market. He had found Ms. SpoolTeacher on craigslist where she was inviting others to join her on a venture she was drumming up to create a kind of “broader concept manufacturing facility”.

After much investigation and many hours of trying to reverse engineer the concept, she got side tracked with creative juices flowing like a river and managed to get nothing done toward the original goal. But she did make a Haute Handbag…and a Shirt Pillow…

Ces”t Si Bon! (Check out the Haute Handbag instructions here)

sleeve it to me

from an old flannel shirt

Ms. SpoolTeacher's haute handbag

who'd a thunk?

Life is like that. And like the meandering river, sometimes it takes an unexpected turn to a place you’d rather be anyway.

So that day was spent just Spoolin’ around, making the “Sleeve It To Me” haute handbag and the shirt pillow below.

Another day she came back to her original idea of making channels and “trying” to insert them into “sleeves”. She came up with a better mouse trap, she thinks….


“I think a way to get that natural hemp fiber to stay where you want it would be to use some kind of a sleeve configuration. (that’s how Ms. Teacher got off track) Create channels and then link them all together?”

Back on track…

All natural cotton batting

unfold cotton batting

unfolding cotton batting

roll cotton batting on cardboard fabric roll

batting all rolled up on cardboard fabric tube

slide batting off of cardboard fabric tube

Reverse Engineering



































This is where it all breaks down. You’ll have to check back to see where Ms. SpoolTeacher take it from here. The ideas are flowing like a river, but Ms. SpoolTeacher has other, more pressing matters ahead of this.

Check back soon…or leave comments with ideas. Ms. SpoolTeacher thinks maybe she’ll invent a new, better model by weaving the channels of batting, covering them with a duvet like cover and tuft through all the places they cross…

Warp, woof, woof, warp!


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