I Love You, Lon Chaney

puffy heartsWhen little Ms. SpoolTeacher was about eight or so, she was in love with a boy who lived up the street from where she did. He was also in her class. Oh, she swooned over his presence. He was a typical boy with “drop dead” written all over his face. That didn’t deter her though. She pursued him with the fervor only a little girl with an unfiltered and as yet, unbroken heart could.

She was somewhat of a stalker then and has always been an over-sharer. She wasn’t quite brave enough herself to do the deed, so she recruited her girlfriend to run a hand-written-on-restroom-paper note out to him during recess one afternoon and waited with bated breath for the outcome. As soon as she had done it, (or rather, had it done), she felt a sense of doom and was riddled with regret. Her emotions have always run ahead of any good sense. Sometimes it has served her well, other times, not so much.

She can’t quite remember if it happened that day or if she had to suffer a length of time before opening her desk top to find “drop dead” notes in all of her school tools.

She was grateful to eventually see his bare feet. It was only then that she was able to let him go and it was over the minute she saw that he had “duck” feet. His toes spread out like a fan and that was it, she couldn’t like him anymore. All the feelings disappeared instantaneously. She didn’t know it at the time, but that would forever be an indicator of whether or not she would be able to bear out any and all other discrepancies she might have with potential suitors in the future. Weird, but none the less, if she can like his feet, she can take just about anything.

And yes, his name really was Lon Chaney. And no, she wouldn’t know who the actor was herself if others hadn’t said, “The actor?”. As if.

And that event didn’t keep Ms. SpoolTeacher from later walking across the High School gymnasium where the girls were lined up on one side and the boys the other to ask her next intended victim for a dance. Well, they weren’t gonna make the attempt. They’d all stand there all night talking sports if someone didn’t take action.

She’s always been brave and always worn her heart on her sleeve. And remembers Valentines Day fondly. In the 60’s it meant purchasing and signing a collection of festively printed paper hearts to take to class for a party with cupcakes and room mothers and see how many “likes” you could take back home in exchange. She wasn’t any better at it then than now. But she’s brave and isn’t particularly upset if she doesn’t have a thousand friends on Facebook. She’s somewhat of a recluse and an introvert and has a grand imagination that keeps her warm and cozy and far from lonely. But she did love those little paper hearts and giving love, even if she didn’t get much in return. The ones she got were precious. And friends she probably still has.

She realizes it’s barely the New Year, but as she told one friend who saw what she thought were premature “puffy hearts for sale on Etsy” posted on Facebook yesterday, “It’s called competition.” It’s also called there’s nothing new under the sun. No sooner did she (really) labor over making them (before doing any due diligence, as per usual) she would discover that someone else had made some similarly and done a fabulous post that got 6100 visits and is featured in her “Top Posts of 2013”. She’s not even gonna think about (envy) getting that many “likes”. Just brave it out and cross that room and ask that boy! Ya can’t strike gold if you don’t pan or dig or do whatever it takes. If you don’t start, you can’t finish.

So here’s how she went about making her not so “easy” little cookie cutter, ragged-edge, Valentines Day, puffy hearts….

She used a cookie cutter to trace the hearts onto the red corduroy and then cut them out. puffy valentines day hearts

Next time, she thinks she will use a chalk pencil to trace (it dusts or washes off) as the black marker is permanent. Wasn’t a negative here as the third of the four layers of fabrics is a black and red checked flannel. Flannel works in lieu of quilt batting to give the ragged edge more of the frayed look she was going for. She outlined on the wrong side of the fabric, however, both sides are visible as the raw edges are on the outside of the finished product. This is why placement (order) of the fabrics counts in the final outcome.

puffy valentines day hearts

The first consideration for the order of layering didn’t quite “feel” right…

puffy valentines day puffy hearts

The second didn’t either….

puffy valentines day puffy hearts

Ahhh, just right…

puffy valentines day puffy hearts

The red fabric in these order pictures is a plain cotton, not the red corduroy as Ms. SpoolTeacher wasn’t mindful enough to take these pictures before she stitched them up and used all the corduroy.

Front view:

puffy valentines day puffy hearts

Reverse view:

puffy valentines day puffy hearts

Next, she took the length of black satin, 1/8″ ribbon and tied a knot in it, thinking it would remain more anchored in the seem that way. It was placed between the four layers, two layers on each side and then she stitched about 3/8″ around the whole perimeter except for about a 1″ gap on one of the lower, straighter edges to allow for stuffing.

Stitching around curves is a little tricky for beginners, but it is a matter of “holding your mouth the right way” and using tension with your fingers holding the fabric and slightly dragging it as it corners under the pressure foot. puffy valentines day puffy hearts

Be sure the tied loop knot is below the seam line and stitch all layers together, holding mouth right!

puffy valentines day puffy hearts

Take a handful of polyester fiber fill and poke it in through the 1″ gap between the two layers on each side and then stitch that gap closed. (Ms. ST used the eraser end of a pencil for this task as it grabbed the slippery fiber fill just enough to get it in.  Making multiples, it is useful to use a postal meter, if you have one, (Ms. ST does!) to weigh the stuffing so they are more uniform. You can use your best judgement and it really doesn’t matter as long as they are close.

Crafter's Companion ScissorsNext, clip through all layers of the raw edges just up to the seam, but not through it at 1/4″ intervals. (She has the most fabulous pair of paper crafting scissors from Crafter’s Companion that are her favorite scissors EVER. They have stayed sharp and able to nip right up to a seam through many layers at times.)(She doesn’t get paid to say anything).

The hearts looked kind of cute like that, but she was going for the ragged edge, so into the washer with detergent for a cycle and then the dryer to fluff them up.

Valentines Day puffy hearts

To make the bows, she made two loops and wrapped one around the other.

Once they were washed and dried, it was time to sew on the bows, by hand. Suppose you could glue them, but this goes against Ms. “Spool”Teacher’s grain and doesn’t seem as authentically hand “spooled” in her mind. Do what you may…

puffy valentines day puffy hearts

All finished. Multiple washings may have ragged the edges more, but she was satisfied.

Great to hang as bunting, give as a gift, hang on a gift bag, or like Ms. SpoolTeacher did, she has them hanging on her gold display tree while she waits for a sale on Etsy…https://www.etsy.com/listing/174040710/valentines-daypuffed-heartred-corduroy?ref=shop_home_feat

They are there along with some of the Christmas Candy Bar Stockings…inside the house of course.

Valentines Day puffy hearts

Valentines Day puffy hearts

What do you think. Do you likey?

She hopes to paint a mural on that blue wall of her garage-that-wants-to-be-a-studio. As it is now, it is mostly yellow. This was the color she was testing for the background (she won’t tell you how many years ago now..okay, about 3) and the door to her studio is her favorite purple. Most people can’t stand projects in varying states of completion, but Ms. SpoolTeacher thrives in this environment. Keeps her on her toes! And hers aren’t duck toes/feet!!!! Not that there is anything wrong with ducks, they’re supposed to have duck feet.

And she has evolved to have much more tolerance of the variety of feet that there are in the world. Have you noticed how many people photograph there own?

There’s something there.

Happy New Year. This is gonna be a great one, she is sure.

And for her competitor’s puffy heart tutorial, here you go…

Easy Fabric Hearts

Image courtesy: http://cottageatthecrossroads.com/easy-to-make-fabric-hearts/

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It’s a very fun and popular site. Enjoy.