“No Scrap Left UnSpooled, go to ConSewVation to see the whole story of this pillow’s InSewVational metamorphosis…

All Done, except for new pillow insert

Pretty, eh?

And of course, Ms. SpoolTeacher worked diligently on the Red Gingham Yoga Dress last night and she will be posting the progress later, but for now…here is a teaser…

Bias Hem Option. Ooh la la!

She didn’t like the length, so cut it way down and added a bias hem option. She will show you how she did it, stay tuned.

She also didn’t like the vintage puffy sleeves, which are out of date for her intent and also don’t lend well for how she wants to interpret her body image…if she gets real brave, she may post a picture of herself in the dress a little later. (It’s so much work to put make-up on and do the hair and scrub the feet and polish the nails….just soooo much work that could be better time spent Spooling Around…)

Bias Armhole Option to replace puffy, out of date sleeves

More work yet to finish the armholes and put in a zipper. She thinks she wants to do something creative on the zip as well…

See what she did with the pillow back..

Always a tag of Purple

Nothing simple, many gyrations to get to this, lots of InSewVation, and IntuitSewn

Be sure to find us doing ConSewVating over at


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