About The Birds

It started with just an accumulation of papers made by Ms. Spoolteacher during one of her normal creative journeys of exploring methods and products of application.

She is enamored with tissue paper, (if it hasn’t been mentioned before), and magazine pages.

Of course all of the things related to art/junk journaling are being explored.

As things progressed, (during this creative session), birds seemed to be appearing on or in everything.

When a dress she purchased at a local thrift had just a little bit too tight of a fit, it got cut up to use for its parts.

It seemed to be a perfect fit for trying her hand at a collaged quilted soft cover for the pages of bird papers and ephemera to become another journal.

This one has been on the shelf for quite some time as the quilt cover seemed a little bit daunting and all of the bits and parts hadn’t arrived in the same pile until this time.

She sat on her bed for a day straight measuring and configuring and measuring and configuring until she came up with a way to proceed.

As it turns out, she isn’t as capable of not being too precise as she thinks she would like to be; and, she is altogether programmed to be toward tailored and articulated rather than willy nilly.

She had been thinking that she would just slap things down and stitch around them…

alas…it is tucked and turned and stitched just so without any raw edges exposed.

It isn’t finished yet, as it seems that she keeps finding new things to try in between things getting finished; like this little journal she made for the young man who saves her his family’s food boxes to use:

It was intended to convey her appreciation and affection for this sweet young man. This was one of the boxes he saved and one of his favorite treats; macaroni and cheese.

The slide show is the beginnings of the soft cover for the bird pages.

More later.



From The Last

Special Tag Journal

The journal above, (featured in the last/previous blog post) needs a cover.

junk journalling

Using two pieces of virgin chipboard, a layer of scrunched pattern tissue was applied with liquid matte medium.

Pattern tissue paper is very sturdy and malleable.

This cover is being made exactly like one made for a gifted journal. The cover turned out so well, it was hard not to keep it for this one, but…Ms. SpoolTeacher was convinced that she could produce it again. 

See the slide show below to view all the steps so far.

The final results won’t be seen in this slide show as the pieces, up to this stage, are under heavy layers to flatten them out some before the next phase begins. 

The next step will be to apply a layer of texture paste through a stencil of hearts. After the paste dries, it will be painted a color for the base under the final layer of purple tissue paper.

Please come back to see the final results. 

Thanks for stopping by.


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Who What When

It’s been a very long time since a post was created on this blog site.

Yes, Ms SpoolTeacher has been doing some sewing here and there – mostly altering her own clothes.


She has a friend who introduced her to paper crafting some years ago and she has fallen madly in love with it all – mostly what is lovingly called “junk journaling” in the circles of like-minded people.

It has become a magnificent obsession.

She has rearranged her whole, WHOLE, house to accommodate the processes and accumulated a finely-tuned new hoard of stuff from which to do it all.

This past June, the wisdom of the ether delivered to her a baby pigeon as a tool for guidance, inspiration and love. She is learning to speak the language of birds and that too, is a magnificent obsession.

You will now find everything she does laced with birds.

So what in the realm of spooling can this endeavor be attributed to? She’s asking for advice. She hopes to keep her branding synchronized.

The slide show embedded is a feeble attempt at something akin to a video. She rues the idea of any other obsessions like, filming herself working all day every day; but, since this obsession shows no signs of letting up, it seems like a waste not to share the thrill of it all.

Any suggestions?

Journal -making seems to encapture all of her passions – so it feels fitting that things have evolved to this stage.

Sewing, writing, making, reading…nature, recycling, etc.

She’ll come back with a “flip through” when this album is completed. Maybe by then she will have gotten her act together enough to do a real video. Don’t hold your breath…

If you’d like to see more on the mini albums, (below), or any of her other journaling endeavors, do let her know.

Until next time…keep spooling