Red Gingham Dress Reveal for Real

Click here for the beginning of the Red Gingham Dress…

red for quiet detail

So Here is where we left off…

Now for the finale!








Finishing off the armholes.

Finishing off the armholes

Almost there…

Almost Done

Now for the zipper….

All but for the zipper

It’s quite a process…

Zipper Installment

We’ll fix the closure a little better later. And since it doesn’t fit quite as well as had hoped, buttons on the sides and a nice big bow-tie for the back.

The saga continues….

closure needs a better finish, but don, don, don....Done!


And the crowd applaudsyawns…stares off into space thinking about lizards….

"Mmmmm...I sure would like a lizard right about now. Think I'll go get me Mom watching?"


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