No Lick Security Overalls

no lick security overalls

Little Red-haired Girl pulled through her lumpectomies A-okay! Hooray!

Ms. SpoolTeacher had been beside herself for the day, worrying (as is her inclination to do).

Dr. Nancy said the huge one was for sure fatty, but the other…she just didn’t know. (It was a little dangling fatty feeling thing on her right rear leg, and Ms. SpoolTeacher thought for sure it was the least of the worries, not so.)

Ms. SpoolTeacher had been upholstering two large Styrofoam cubes for Dr. Nancy and wasn’t sure what to charge. It has been her experience that the labor involved in sewing is seldom appreciated or valued.

“It took you how long!?” “Why did it take so long!?” “It’s how much!!!!?”

So she labored and labored over how to calculate what to charge. In the end, she called her upholsterer friend to get her opinion and was amazed that she came up with exactly the same calculation, albeit, through a completely different analysis.

She took the job with her when she went to pick up the Little Red-haired Girl but told the receptionist, “Perhaps we should do this another day as we don’t want to have the two amounts influence each other?”

“Oh no, Dr. Nancy will be working on horses this weekend and will be needing them. We’ll just do one and then the other.”

So, Ms. SpoolTeacher said she would drive around to the back stable and off load the giant cube she had borrowed to use to fit the cover and the other second casing that they would have to put on the other cube themselves. She had designed them to open and pull off for cleaning. It fit like a glove. It was a meticulous job. It ended up taking a lot of painstaking maneuvers to perfect it. She was proud of the job.

“So,” the receptionist said, “is that for one or both? Do I need to add the fabric in or is it included?”

“The charges are for both and the fabric is already added into the charge.”

“Wow, that’s a great price!”

Suddenly Dr. Nancy popped in and exclaimed, “Wow, you said you were a good seamstress, you weren’t kidding!”

Well, that did take out some of the sting of her own underestimation of value.

How to know? Ms. SpoolTeacher was just sure they would freak out over the charges she had quoted. Well, there was no going back now. She’d have to learn from the experience and hope the good will would benefit her in the future.

The great news for the day was that little “Bumpty Dumpty” was okee dokee.

“Don’t let her lick the wounds. Do you need a cone?”

“Oh, no, she will never stand for that.”

The little red overalls are from Ms. SpoolTeacher’s niece when she was a baby. The first day, she put them on her upside down for easier peeing, etc. But as it turned out, Bumpty Dumpty didn’t go out without her so she could manage the snaps for her.

The big cube

where to start?

on and off, on and off, pin, stitch, on off

Everyone is happy.

Not just Sewing and Alterations

We do whatever it takes

Coming Soon: An apron from scratch from a border print

So sorry for the missing images. As soon as Ms. SpoolTeacher figures out why they migrated and where they are, She will fix this. She no longer know where the originals are. If you have any suggestions, She has had no luck with WP for discovering the cause/cure and forums still sound like Chinese to her. She thanks you in advance.


3 thoughts on “No Lick Security Overalls

  1. Never be afraid to charge for your work. It has been my experience that the more people have the less they want to pay you for your labor and expenses but they will. Sounds like your Vet is a keeper.
    I was once ask how much I would charge to make a kilt. I said I don’t do outside work. After a lot of badgering I quoted $5000.00. That shut them up.
    I still thought I was low just for the aggravation factor. If I can get so jacked out of shape making my own I can just imagine the condition I would worry myself into making for someone else.
    Next time I’ll quote $10,000.00 just to be on the safe side.


    • Boy do I understand the getting out of shape issue. Being “the perfectionist” doesn’t do much to minimize the prayers associated with, “I hope they will like this after all the agony I just put myself through.” There really is no money enough. However; thank God Ms. SpoolTeacher loves to sew. I even agonize over mending knee holes. Patch or camouflage stitching? Long patch, short patch, same color, different color. Reading minds is hard. “Oh, whatever you think.” That’s a scary confidence. It still beats working for the “Corps”. I prefer being a slave of my own making. Hoo yeah!


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