Ms. SpoolTeacher copied a post from Spare Shelf 028

Ms. Jackie of all Trades SpoolTeacher (JoaT ST) finished up these little Baby Spooled Shoes by request. She had shown them unfinished on her SpoolTeacher website in the images showing how she makes them. A friend saw them there and wanted them.

spoolteacher.babyshoe factory 109

spoolteacher.babyshoe factory 111

So she set about to complete them. 003 006 010 015 014 016 017

Whenever she puts this many hours into inventing something, she can hardly stand to part with the results. So she takes lots of pictures and studies them for awhile before finally letting them “be adopted”.

They are very tiny and require a great deal of patience and stick-to-i-tive-ness.
She’s not saying that they are:

Too long, slow, or dull: tiresome or monotonous: “a tedious journey”.
tiresome – wearisome – dull – prosy – irksome – weary

She’s just say’n!
(she might be able to make a better living pulling weeds or helping clients pick paint)

gardeninghoer 207

Jackie of all Trades, Master of Baby Spooled Shoes, SpoolTeacher/

It’s okay if Ms. SpoolTeacher copied a post from Spare Shelf, it’s her website. She’s just say’n…


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