A Greasy Spoon Christmas

Christmas Day, Ms. SpoolTeacher and her friend traveled to a little town about 40 miles away. It’s a quaint little town with a few more restaurants. They stopped here first and took a look see…

But ended up traveling up the road to the more conventional spots. They picked a greasy spoon truck stop they had been to before with other friends and it was pretty darn good.

Ms. S.T. just got soup and a salad bar. Matter of fact her friend did too.

Her plate was balanced with color. Her friend’s plate…not so much, at least not his first plate…

Believe it or not, there were plenty of people doing the same thing.

Ms. SpoolTeacher was going crazy snapping shots and her friend tried to hide behind the paper.

She managed to beat him at the game! At one point though, he said, “Why don’t you turn the camera on yourself and take a shot.” So she did.

Elf Jack had a good time, blowin’ in the wind..on a jimmied antennae made from a wire hanger..

There were smiles everywhere..

… and Little Red-Haired Girl was happy to snooze away the day on her pedestal of fluffy soft things up on the doggy sofa.

Happy New Year now. Don’t drink and drive.