Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase Curtain

While she was Spooling,
a sunflower was displaying it’s glory!

One of her favorite friends has been laid up for what seems like a month of Sunday’s with a back injury. Recently, she had a procedure that has helped relieve the pain and has been able to sit up without horror.

Ms. SpoolTeacher checks in on her from time to time and has been recruited to do “Cleaning Lady” duty by her family. She spends an hour or two there every Wednesday. This last time, Dear Friend said, “I want you to make a little curtain for the bathroom window.”

And, quite frankly, it wasn’t the first time she had said those words. (Ms. ST is a little behind)

Ms. ST asked her if she would want it plain or patterned?

“Plain I think. I like the color of wheat, like the wicker chair…

and, I like yellow, orange and brown.” All the while she was pointing to the picture ahead of her…

So, of course Ms. ST’s mind spools started turning….

What did she have in that color scheme in her stash of wonderful things back at resource central?

It was Sunday, after donuts at Church and she hadn’t eaten lunch but the spools were getting the best of her so she dashed home and started rummaging through fabrics and things, looking for the pieces to the spool puzzle.

She found a color she really liked in an Egyptian cotton pillowcase she had never really liked. She split it open and realized it was the exact size she would need to make the width and length and it already had a hem on one end and no seam in the middle.

Then she went to trims and embellishments to see how she could add the other colors in a fanciful way that would be a simple, un-frilly, and a southwesty kind of look… because Dear Friend is a southwesty kind of lady, (she used to be a rancher).

She pulled two colors of notion trims, one satin with a sheen and one matte. She would make a geometric pattern. She found the center and started measuring off three inch intervals three inches apart (squares, so to speak) and then drew diagonal lines to connect them…

“I like the color of wheat.”

She laid the trim on the outside of the line and began spooling, turning, spooling….

Then she did the other side of that trim and started laying on the orange satin ribbon and spooling it in place, top and bottom too…

She ended up bordering it on the top with a wide row of brown grosgrain ribbon and yellow and orange polka dot narrow ribbon on the bottom…

She decided she would get Dear Friend‘s approval before proceeding because she could just as easily turn it into another apron should she disapprove…

Dear Friend

Dear Friend was very happy and said that she liked it a lot.

So Ms. SpoolTeacher took it back home to finish it off…

Additional embellishments seemed to be requesting to be added; little satin roses at the intersections along the bottom, but where were those little satin roses from 25 years ago when she was making walnut critters (she’ll show you someday, it was her first business enterprise, so to speak)…?

After looking over them several times and scouring the house from one end to the other…

…she lovingly hand-spooled each one into place, alternating multi-colors in a sequence.

A tension rod stretched the width of the window and tightened in and voila!

Dear Friend was very happy.

Painting by her mother of Dear Friend and her little puppy in a tub when she was little

Little Red-Haired Girl got a tub of her own to go “schwimmin” in.

I don’t feel like schwimmin yet!

LRHG heads right for the tub after their long walks around the neighborhood, her feet are hot from trotting. She stops at puddles too. Ms. SpoolTeacher is seriously planning to make her some little shoes…

A.L.B.O.E. (a little bit of everything)



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