Not Your Mother’s Smock

The “Hairdresser’s Apron” got finished and sent.

It was a work of love. A friend’s special request for her granddaughter who has just completed “Beauty School”. The young girls starting out where she lives are wearing these custom apron, rather than a smock.

The whole pattern was enlarged from a child’s size 4 pinafore to a size that would fit a grown girl size 6.
Polka-dots everywhere…
The custom ruffle was hand-hemmed on both edges (not using a special foot, turning twice by hand as it went through the pressure foot).
It looks finished and neat on either inside or outside of  the garment..
Another layer of hand-hemming was done along the outer edge of the garment before attaching the ruffle..
There was an issue attaching the bow tie, as it was a deviation from the original pattern, as was the large ruffle around the outer edge. The pattern called for a ribbon tie and a small, purchased ruffle trim.

The little embroidery-like stitches were done by machine. Though the machine is over 40 years old, little disks came with it to use for creating novel stitches. The disk has shapes that cause the needle to move in patterns.

Before the final tie for the back was made, Ms. SpoolTeacher recruited her sister to put on some striped stockings to go with her pink and gray cowboy boots and model the apron out in the (very messy) yard. It was hard to get a shot that omitted the periphery enough to include.

Ms. SpoolTeacher’s friend was very happy, her comment was, “I don’t like it…..I love it.” Ms. SpoolTeacher had to catch her breath during the lull. Funny friend. She also said, “Wasn’t there any thing else you could have added to it?” Funny lady.


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